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Brush Set - Mitsuba
Stockers #: B-5
Type: New
Replaces: Mitsuba
Retail Price: $14.95
Your Price: $9.95
You Save: $5.00
Warranty: 1 year
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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Brush Set for 2-brush Mitsuba small-engine starters
- applications are listed below
• Lead Length: 28mm
• Length: 14mm
• Thickness: 13mm
• Width: 6mm

  • In addition to the applications shown below this brush is also used on many other Mitsuba 2-brush starters

Brand Type Model (years produced) Fits years Comments
Honda ATV ATC200E Big Red 1982-1983
Honda ATV ATC200ES Big Red 1984
Honda ATV ATC200M 1984-1985
Honda ATV TRX200 FourTrax 1984
Honda Motorcycles CB1100 1980-1973
Honda Motorcycles CB450 1968-1977 445cc
Honda Motorcycles CB500 1970-1972
Honda Motorcycles CB500 1975-1976 CB500T 498cc
Honda Motorcycles CB550 1975-1976
Honda Motorcycles CB550F 1975-1977
Honda Motorcycles CB550K 1977-1978
Honda Motorcycles CB550K1 1975
Honda Motorcycles CB650 1979-1982
Honda Motorcycles CB750 1969-1978
Honda Motorcycles CB750 1979-1983
Honda Motorcycles CB900C 1980-1983
Honda Motorcycles CB900F 1981-1982
Honda Motorcycles CBX (1979-1982) 1979-1982
Honda Motorcycles CX500 1978-1979
Honda Motorcycles CX500C Custom 1979-1982
Honda Motorcycles CX500D Deluxe 1979-1981
Honda Motorcycles CX500TC Turbo 1982
Honda Motorcycles CX650C Custom 1983
Honda Motorcycles GL500 Silver Wing 1978-1983
Honda Motorcycles GL650 Silver Wing 1983
Honda Motorcycles GL1000 Gold Wing 1975-1979
Honda Motorcycles GL1100 Gold Wing 1980-1983
Honda Motorcycles GL1100A Gold Wing Aspencade 1982-1983
Honda Motorcycles GL1100I Gold Wing Interstate 1980-1983
Honda Motorcycles GL1200 Gold Wing 1984
Honda Motorcycles GL1200 Gold Wing 1985-1987
Honda Motorcycles GL1200A Gold Wing Aspencade 1985-1987
Honda Motorcycles VF1000F 1984
Honda Motorcycles VF1000R 1985-1986
Kawasaki Motorcycles KZ650 B 1977-1979
Kawasaki Motorcycles KZ650 CSR H1 1981
Kawasaki Motorcycles KZ650 Custom C 1977-1979
Kawasaki Motorcycles KZ650 Custom F1 1980
Kawasaki Motorcycles KZ650 LTD E1 1980
Kawasaki Motorcycles KZ650 SR D 1978-1979
Kawasaki Motorcycles KZ750 (2-Brush) 1980
Kawasaki Motorcycles KZ750 B 2-Brush 1976-1979
Kawasaki Motorcycles KZ750 E1 1980
Kawasaki Motorcycles KZ750 LTD H1 1980
Kawasaki Motorcycles KZ750 LTD II G1 1980
Kawasaki Motorcycles KZ900... 1973-1976
Kawasaki Motorcycles ZG1200 Voyager 1986-1992
Kawasaki Motorcycles ZN1300 1983-1988 Voyager A1-A6 (2-Brush)
Suzuki Motorcycles GS400 1977-1978
Yamaha Motorcycles FJ1100 1984-1985
Yamaha Motorcycles FJ1200 1986-1990
Yamaha Motorcycles V-MAX 1985-2000 VMX1200
Yamaha Motorcycles XJ1100 1982
Yamaha Motorcycles XS500 1975-1978
Yamaha Motorcycles XS750 1978-1979
Yamaha Motorcycles XS850 1980-1981
Yamaha Motorcycles XS1100 1978-1982
Yamaha Motorcycles XV700 Virago 1984-1985
Yamaha Motorcycles XV700 Virago 1986-1987
Yamaha Motorcycles XV750 Virago 1981-1983
Yamaha Motorcycles XV750 Virago 1988-1989
Yamaha Motorcycles XV920 Virago 1981-1983
Yamaha Motorcycles XV1000 Virago 1984-1985
Yamaha Motorcycles XV1100 Virago 1986-1989
Yamaha Motorcycles XVZ12 Venture 1983-1993
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